Gotta Love Lamprey with Ralph Lampman

Ralph Lampman, Lamprey Biologist for the Yakama Nation, shows a Pacific Lamprey to a school group

(Episode Link) Ralph Lampman, Lamprey Project Biologist for the Yakama Nation, wants to spread love and understanding of Pacific Lamprey. We talk about their long evolutionary and cultural history, the many unknowns surrounding lamprey, and the efforts tribes are taking to restore these remarkable fish back to the vibrant fishery they once were! Check out his music video for this year’s Eurofishion contest here, and give him a vote!

I also encourage you to watch the two short films on lamprey listed in the resources at the bottom of the show notes. You can also stay up to date on lamprey issues by following the Yakama Nation’s Facebook page on Pacific Lamprey:

You can learn more follow MC Hannon on twitter here:


Yakama Nation Lamprey Project:

The Columbia River Intertribal Fisheries Council page on lamprey, including a wonderful 5 minute film presented at the American Fisheries Society Film Festival on the importance of Pacific Lamprey to Columbia Basin Tribes:

Film put together by Ralph Lampman using music by Ryuichi Sakamoto: The plight and curious life of asum (Pacific Lamprey) *asum is the Sahaptin language for Pacific Lamprey (

Identification Guide for Lamprey Species in the American West, authored by Ralph Lampman:

Manual on Incorporating Lamprey considerations into fish passage projects (ODFW):

Credits Thank you to Ralph Lampman for allowing use of the great cover photo of himself. Lamprey Rap uses “Alone” by Shelley Ray. Theme mixed by me, using sounds sourced from sfxgo, orangefreesound, and freesound

Published by FisherWomenPod

Fisherwomen is a podcast about fish and the people who earn their living by them. Each episode, fisheries biologist Katie Osborn brings you stories from interesting people working across the fisheries world. Come for the fish, stay for the stories. The first season launches in Fall 2020.

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