How to Submit a Creature Feature

Thank you for your interest in submitting a Creature Feature for Fisherwomen! Creature Features can be about any underwater organism – animal, plant, or other. Feel free to share stories of animal behavior, cool physiological factoids, the cultural traditions surrounding an aquatic or marine critter, or something else entirely. Just remember to keep your tone conversational, keep your feature under 3 minutes, and most of all, have fun! Here’s what you do:

1) Write up what you want to say. A good rule of thumb is half a page takes about two minutes to read aloud. Practice reading your piece aloud to identify awkward spots you might want want to reword.
2) Set yourself up for recording success: download a voice memo app if you don’t have one and set your phone on a stable surface so that you can speak clearly into the mic without touching your phone. Imagine yourself speaking to someone as you record (I find talking to my dog helps) to keep that engaging, conversational rhythm.
3) Use a voice memo app on your phone to record yourself sharing your creature feature, save it as a .wav (preferred) or .mp3 file (save at 192 or 256kbps if possible).
4) Email your .wav or high bit mp3 file to: In the body of your email, please spell your name as you’d like to be credited. Include any papers or websites that you would like to be listed/linked in the show notes.
5) I’ll let you know before the episode with your creature feature is released.

Thank you so much!!